The Way is not in the Sky.
The Way is in the Heart.


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Willkommenauf ThetaHealing Kroatien

Das ThetaHealing Technik passt in die Geist / Körper-Therapien als ergänzende oder alternative Gesundheit Modalität. Es ist sowohl therapeutische und Selbsthilfe und zielt darauf ab, mit körperlichen, geistigen und emotionalen Wohlbefinden zu unterstützen.


After completing th seminar "Intuitive anatomy" all I can say is that I can feel, I know I made a huge step forward in my life. I can see now that I have been looking at life from a very narrow perspective, and it realy doesn't take years to change that, I did it in just a few days!

Garland Noah

ThetaHealing and its teachings have changed our lives in miraculous ways, as well as the lives of those whom we have touched through the work. I have studied various methods of healing for over 40 years and have found this to be the most all-encompassing and complete healing I have ever experienced.

Mary Jones

I am most appreciative of ThetaHealing® because it gave me back my connection with Creator. It also provided me with exceptional healing skills to help myself and others live a peaceful and joyful life. Thank you, Alida.

Marjorie Porta



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