The Way is not in the Sky.
The Way is in the Heart.


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Welcometo ThetaHealing Croatia

The ThetaHealing technique fits into the mind/body therapies as a complementary or alternative health modality. It is both therapeutic and self-help and aims to assist with physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.


After completing th seminar "Intuitive anatomy" all I can say is that I can feel, I know I made a huge step forward in my life. I can see now that I have been looking at life from a very narrow perspective, and it realy doesn't take years to change that, I did it in just a few days!

Garland Noah

ThetaHealing and its teachings have changed our lives in miraculous ways, as well as the lives of those whom we have touched through the work. I have studied various methods of healing for over 40 years and have found this to be the most all-encompassing and complete healing I have ever experienced.

Mary Jones

I am most appreciative of ThetaHealing® because it gave me back my connection with Creator. It also provided me with exceptional healing skills to help myself and others live a peaceful and joyful life. Thank you, Alida.

Marjorie Porta

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