About Alida

I was born in Istria in Pula Croatia.
Through my peaceful childhood I discovered the love for Literature and ancient traditions and cultures. I fulfilled my wish to travel already in high school when I spent one year abroad as an exchange student in Spain. The experience had enriched me with new perspectives and opened new possibilities on my way. Later on I studied Spanish and Italian language and literature in Zagreb University and became a teacher of Literature and Linguistic.
In 1991 Life circumstances guided me to explore the world and myself. in this time I actually started my intense spiritual journey.
Through my stay in Portugal  I have learned many new precious things, a new culture very connected to African traditions and their healing methods.
In Germany I met many different modalities of alternative healing and I studied homeopathy and Reiki and became a Reiki Master.
I became a Blessing of beeing  Mother of 3 amazing Children and a Grandson.

My life Path led me to meet Thetahealing, which gave me many answers and accelerate my spiritual growth. Through my transformation, my children become attracted to know more about spirituality and they also started to study and attend classes of Thetahealing.
It was than that I realized my wish to share my experience and knowledge with other people and so the way to Rome and the teacher's classes with Vianna Stibal was clear to me.  I've taken my Teachers classes and when I came back from Rome I continued with the healing work and started to teach this sacred knowledge.

In 2010 I became a Thetahealing Master and  I realized that every moment of my life is a possibility of fulfilling my full potential  and support my clients and students to do the same through the path of unconditional love to all that is.

In 2011. after participating the required seminars during the visit to Idaho Falls, USA, I graduated with Thetahealing Certificate of Science, which gives me the opportunity to teach all Thetahealing seminars!

Since 2013 I am the official Representative of Think, Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge in Germany and I am very honored and commited to support Thetahealing Family and to keep our work pure and connected to the Source.

I was always drawn to traditional Vedic science and I completed my education as Yoga teacher and Ayurveda practitioneer in Rishikesh, India.

Today I work as Spiritual teacher, Yoga teacher, and practitioner of Thetahealing Reiki and Ayurveda in Pula and I am  holding seminars in many countries including Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy in the countries' original languages. I give treatments in my Surya Center in Pula, or online by Email, Phone or Skype.

I am very grateful for all my Life Experienes and all the souls that I met on my Life Path.

May we all recognize our Divine Nature and live in Peace and Harmony!