About Lucia

I was born in Bielefeld, Germany. I grew up in Portugal where I kept spending lots of time in nature, by the sea. Three years later we moved to my birth place. During that time I discovered my love for music and dancing and I often made other people happy with my performances. In my childhood my mother Alida introduced me to alternative methods of healing, by using reiki and homeopathy on me. I was always intrigued by this ”magical world” and it really worked. Within me I discovered the power of true heart's desire and recognized that it can become true. In 2002 we moved to Pula, Croatia, where I intensively continued with dancing.
I had the first contact with ThetaHealing in 2007 when my mother Ailda came back from the Basic course. Her change was incredible and I felt the need to attend the course too. So I set off on a journey together with my older sister. I did all kinds of courses together with my mother Alida, who later became a ThetaHealing instructor. At first I used Thetahealing predominantly on myself, family and friends. I enjoyed very much helping other people and I was good at discovering the deepest beliefs which caused a certain problem or disorder.  After secondary school I decided to attend the Dancing Academy in Bielefeld. Thetahealing really helped me to confront all the lessons I went through and at the same time to heal my body from exhaustion and injuries. At the Academy I mastered a lot of knowledge on human anatomy, gained experience about movement and unleashed my creativity.
In 2012 I attended Instructor courses with Vianna Stibal in Hamburg. I went there solely for my personal growth, however, I discovered a new passion in teaching and transfering the knowledge. I was very happy and felt being transformed in all levels. I became the youngest ThetaHealing Instructor in the world! At that time I discovered I had an ability of foreseeing the future and communicate with the special energies of the Laws.
After finishing the Academy I returned to Pula where I keep discovering yoga at a deeper level. I dedicate myself to yoga, finally connecting the spiritual and physical aspects of myself!
I feel ready to share my knowledge and experience by helping others through individual sessions at my home in Pula or via skype. I can do the sessions even in other languages (German and English).
You can contact me through this website, write directly to my email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me on my cell phone, 00 385 99 4456256.