Healing and communication with animals

Learn all the beauty of the animal world and how to do readings and healings on animals!

Find out:

- how and why animals heal people

- how they can feel when people are sick and stressed,

- why animals get sick

- when it's good to have them near us and when it is not

- what people and animals have in common

- why the master starts looking like his pet and vice versa

- why animals compete with people and other animals

- learn how to do the Heart song with animals, how to go into their past lives and heal them, bring back
the soul fragments, how to communicate with their Higher Selves, do Belief and Feeling work, how to
find the sacred name of an animal, etc.

- in this class you will do the exercise of crystal layout that will bring you into past lives in order to bring
back to yourself the qualities you used to have and you may be missing in this life, or the qualities your
ancestors had, and you want to strenghten in yourself.

- you will also do the exercise Power Animal to find out and discover your Power animals that protect
you and have an important message for your life.

- we will also do belief work relating to the animal world.

Participants will be given a class manual and a Certificate.
Duration: two days, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Investment: 300 euros

This class is a prerequisite for DNA 4.