Intuitive Anatomy

"You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body." Lewis Carroll

Intuitive Anatomy course is a 15 day journey of going in the body's organs and systems and deeply within us. This intensive course gives a true chance of mastering both scanning and doing the belief work with others as well as with us.

Every day we meet a new system from a physical-anatomy perspective and review it all the way to its deepest emotional and spiritual essence. We will work on the system in pairs and learn how to find the bottom issues of our emotional and physical difficulties, beliefs or memories.

If you're interested in getting to profoundly know the body physically, working on deep issues, and developing your Thetahealing skills to a much higher level, than this class is definitely a way to do it!

Through cleaning our issues we take out deep burdens and allow our true potential to shine through us.
This course had turned out to be very powerful when it comes to change people's health and change of their day to day behavior.
In a class of Vianna students did a PH test to see the change in their body's internal balance. All of them have shown alkaline results regardless of their diet, meaning the body was healthy and balanced.
Many more students are pointing that this was the class they have finally solved their issues and changed their health situation and emotional discomfort, making them happy, full of bliss and feeling perfectly connected to all that is.  
The deep cleanse of this course allows to make a true transformation on any subject and a true understanding of Thetahealing. This course is the bridge to the next more advanced Thetahealing course such as DNA3.
The profound physiological emotional and spiritual knowledge that is covered and the practice enables us to perceive the body in an holistic way and to use our fullest potential of healing, scanning and manifesting in life.

Prerequisites Basic and Advanced courses.

The course lasts 15 days, and the price is 1950 EUR, a 25% to be paid at registration and the rest before the start of the course.

Each course participant will be given the necessary materials for the course.

For more information, send mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +385 99 6751745, +385 52 394 923