Rainbow children

"When you love, God's light shines on you" Into the wild

The new age had carried with it a long term promise that new souls with ancient wisdom will come to aid us. These children are known as Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and by many more names.
The Rainbow Children are defined by their loving essence to all, deep understanding of the world around them - seen and unseen, their connection to nature and to the universal truths and their ability to affect the space around them and harmonize all situations.

We believe these gifts of spiritual knowledge and psychic abilities are not just for those who are to be born with, but they can be developed by all.
This course is designed to let children reflect and experience the activation and remembering of the secret knowledge they hold within. This is a safe environment of joy fun and playfulness where we practice qualities we perceive as serious and sometimes impossible.

For children these are 16 magical meeting. Each meeting we experience and practice a different skill. From connecting to crystals, telepathy, understanding and healing animals, plants and spirits to different plains. We make sure every soul remembers where it came from, what are the gifts and purpose it holds and how to commune with the divine through a true direct connection to receive always the highest truth.
More and more children need different understanding and support that is not being met in modern psychology or schools. This course offers an alternative and a chance to travel with them down the rabbit hole to meet our purest and most loving, creative wise beings we can be.

Although made for children, this class is also thought as a 4 day course for adults who have done the Basic DNA course in order to activate the rainbow qualities and to practice our psychic gifts and unawakened spiritual wisdom and experience in a playful and fun way.

Like Vianna says: "Are you ready to play?"

Price for practitioners is 600 Euros, 25% is paid upon registration and the rest before the start of the course.

Each course participant will be given the necessary materials for the course.

For more information, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +385 99 6751745, +385 52 394 923