Soul mates

Do you want to attract your most appropriate soulmate?

Are you "single" and looking for a fulfilling relationship, loving and understanding, or perhaps you are stuck in an unsatisfactory relationship?

Would you like a "normal" relationship but somehow you always end in the same "abnormal" relationships?

Are you looking for your soul mate but you have no idea how to find it?

Perhaps you're married and wondering, is he / she your soul mate?

Are you aware that it is necessary first to truly "love yourself", allowing the invocation and finally finding your soul mate?

Sign up now on this fun and inspiring Thetahealing course, which will help you discover the deepest, hidden, negative self-knowledge and a "program" divided into four levels, which prevents you to achieve a happy and responsible relationships with lots of love and understanding.
The course is presented in four chapters:

- Talk about the most compatible soulmates. Learn the difference between what you have or had and your soulmate.

- Presentation of methods of belief in 4 levels related to love, dating / relationships, self-esteem, Self-assessment and happiness

- Healing

- Exercise events to start invoking your soul mate

This course opens a new door to the meeting a sense of happiness and inspiration and new positive beliefs of self-knowledge and love, which attract and invite their soul mate.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA Seminar

The course duration is two days. The price is 300 EURos (2 days - for Thetahealing practitioners) and 150 Euros (1 day - for the others), 25% is paid upon registration and the rest before the start of the course.

Each course participant will be presented with the necessary materials for the course.

For more information, send e- mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +385 99 6751745, +385 52 394 923