Personal treatments

Personal session

Thetahealing is a powerful and accurate tool for healing the body the mind and spirit. During the session we create a connection between the client, his sub-consciousness mind and the source energy of all that. This allows a clear smooth and loving therapy on any subjected wanted.
In our work with Thetahealing we do our best to find the bottom issues causing the disease or emotional pattern.
This work is open to be used on any subject. We offer our best knowledge and new point of views using our energetically tools and spiritual guidance.
During this time you may meet new insights about your life, deep emotions, blissful sensations and even an awakening of your spiritual connections and psychic gifts.
Sessions change with the personal knowledge of the practitioner and his way of using the Thetahealing skills. Sessions usually consist of scanning intuitively, reprogramming the subconscious mind and instilling new information and healing energy in the body.
This simple and profound tool made a great difference in people's health and emotional well being sometimes after just one session.
Sessions are usually done within 60 minutes duration and of course open to everyone. The rest is experience.

Sessions before taking a course
Sessions is a great way to experience the sensation and essence of Thetahealing before taking a course.
Many are choosing to enjoy both the course's experiences and the practitioner's personal knowledge and skills.
Also learning to receive help from others can truly be a blessing and we are here to learn from all.

Children Sessions
Thetahealing is used also with children as many of them are experiencing problems at school, with their own self and with their awakening of their identity and spiritual gifts.  Thetahealing can really make a difference by giving a loving space and reaching to whatever are the main reasons of crisis, health issues and emotional imbalances. Thetahealing also can give some guidance about being connected to the body's needs; accepting and balancing over sensitivity and intuitive skills and adjusting to the modern life pace.

Animal Sessions
Thetahealing have a great experience with animals as well. Like us, animals carry feelings and beliefs and many are using Thetahealing to heal and change behavior of animals, domestic and farm animals such as horses.
Feel free to ask more about this subject.

Basic Price Packages And Offers
1 treatment - 60 min - 100 Euros

After the first treatment, by individual package or offer, the amount of treatments needed for complete transformation of the energy space is determined. Depending on the square surface, the complexity of the object and the current state of the energy space.
For those reasons, we believe that the ability of individual approach in creating a package offer is, in fact, the best solution.

Treatments also take place via Skype in the following languages: EN, DE, ENG, ITA, ESP, POR.